Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Call off the search party, I'm back.

Sorry it's been awhile, I had really planned on posting by now. I thought I would be back in the gym at this point, but as it turns out, this was a really tight month for me financially. My expensive membership will have to wait till the end of the month. I'm kind of in a holding pattern until the end of the month as far as my exercise program goes.

Guns like this don't come free people

In the mean time, I'm doing little exercise things at home, push up's, abs exercises on the stability ball, stuff like that. (btw, anyone who has suggestions on home exercises, im all ears.) So far the calisthenics that I have been doin', have been ok, but I am at a loss for a good sustained aerobic workout. There is only so much I can do in a 24 sqft space. So stay tuned.

Edit: upon reading this last paragraph, I realized that it sounds like i am avoiding going outside. That is completely true. It's hot. It's really freaking hot. It's like, slap yo' momma hot. Those of you who live here in Austin know what I mean. We have had 25 or 26 straight days of over 100 degree weather, so step off me for not going outside. I could go ride a bike, but I'm not sure that my life insurance policy wouldn't count that as suicide.

In other news, I have lost 22-23 lbs overall just by changing my eating habits. That's good I guess, considering my physical effort has been minimal. (For those of you playing the home game, keep in mind that my weight loss number is from that day in March when i went to the doctor and got on the scale there. See my previous posts for more info.) Overall, it hasn't been too bad really. I've really reduced my daily calorie count, I think I'm eating 1200-1800 calories on any given day. Compare that to the calorie-fest meals I was eating before and its pretty significant. In a way, it stinks that I can't go and grab a greasy cheeseburger or the econo-size nachos from Taco Cabana, but that's what my free day is for I suppose.

Bob knows when its my free day

Speaking of, on my first free day, Becky and I went to a favorite BBQ restaurant and chowed down on some good food there. If you happen to live in, or around, Cedar Park, Tx you owe it to yourself to check out J&J's. The barbecue is good, but the breakfasts are really where it's at. Great food, and its reasonably priced. They should be paying me for this.....

Mentally, the eating has been fine, I guess. Like I said before I am eating every few hours so just when I start to get hungry again, I get to eat. I haven't felt like I'm just starving all the time, or that I am actively restricting myself from things. It did suck though when someone at work brought in a boat load of cookies from a good bakery here in town and I couldn't touch them. Kristen, if you are reading this, its your scowling face in my mind that made me stay away. For those of you who don't know, trust me, a scowling Kristen is not something to be trifled with....

Anyway, that's about it for now. I didn't really want to post until i had something to post about, but my legions of adoring fans DEMANDED it from me. (When i say legions, i mostly mean one person who asked me what was up with not posting.) So, until next time, thanks again for all of your support. I greatly appreciate it.

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